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Our Story

Fusion Murga is an inclusive, interdisciplinary, multilingual and transcultural performance group. It includes professional and non-professional artists with histories of migration collaborating cross-culturally.

Murga is an instantly recognisable musical style associated with carnival. It’s music, theatre, satire, comedy, drumming, drag, clown, choir and much more! As a style it is present in its varieties in many parts of the world.

Fusion Murga collective brings the Murga tradition into modern day Ireland. That means enriching it with the different realities, talents, skills and ideas of its members who at the same time experience a plurality of identities. In Fusion Murga, the different cultural, social, gender and ethnic identities that affect all of its members come together to redefine this traditional form of expression. We choose to express our feelings, emotions, thoughts and frustrations through multiple art forms, comedy, song, dance and satire. Most importantly we choose to work collectively, respecting each member’s individual experience and cultural identity, through cross-cultural collaboration and anti-hierarchical processes.

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Our Way

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